Nikunj Parekh & Jyoti Parekh


Nikunj Parekh & Jyoti Parekh founded Bonsai Study Group of The Indo-Japanese Association in 1979. Being the largest such group with over 20 affiliated chapters across India and Oman today. Both have authored books such as Wonder World of tropical Bonsai and Wonder World of Bonsai. Both have given Bonsai Demonstrations at Conventions in many countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman and Kenya. Both are instrumental in publishing NICHIN BONSAI quarterly bonsai magazine since 1985 consistently. They have joined WBFF since 1989 and BCI since 2000. Both have contributed many features on Bonsai, gardening in publications, media and TV programs. They are the recipients of more than 60 International and National Awards. In 2009 both were honored with a Gold Medal at World Bonsai Convention in Puerto Rico for spreading art of bonsai throughout India and the world. In 2015 Nikunj is awarded by Government of Japan, ‘The Rising Sun with Silver and Gold Rays’.